Betty (satannish) wrote in wwp_rock,

Possessed by ennui...

I'm having a problem that I never thought I would have...nothing is moving me, stirring my senses, awakening not a damn thing inside of me.

It kinda scary.  Rachel had friends over on Saturday and they were all a fluster with conversation about poetry and books and music of the indie rock persuation (not my forte) and whatever else came to their fresh little minds.

I'm looking for inspiration, something that impresses me.

Am I alone in my sense of "been there, done that"?

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no, you're totally not. i've been there so much lately, you'd think i'd set up a time-share.

the question do we get out of it?
I have no fucking clue except to create our asses off! To keep searching even if we have to use the past.

Where's Jocelyn???
my muse is missing. i'm having a lot of trouble writing lately, with a lack of things to write about. i'm dispassionate, which is fucking scary.

i e-mailed joce, i'll try again.